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IELTS sample Speaking part 2 - phần 3

Tags:      15-11-2016

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Tiếp tục với "IELTS sample Speaking part 2 - phần 3" Ngày hôm nay, IELTS fighter sẽ chia sẻ đến cho các bạn thêm 3 topic để giúp bạn củng cố thêm kiến thức cho phần thi Speaking part 2. Tất cả những bài mẫu đều được sưu tầm từ những nguồn uy tín chất lượng sẽ giúp cho các bạn hiểu được vì sao những bài nói này đạt điểm 8.0 hay 9.0. Vẫn như những lời khuyên trước của thầy, các em sau khi có topic hãy tự đứng trước gương và nói về chủ đề và nhớ ghi âm lại để bạn biết bạn vừa nói gì?

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#Topic 8: “Describe a person who can use or speak a second language.”

You should say:

– Who this person is?

– What language can he/she use?

– How often does he/she use it?

Band 8.0+ Sample Answer

Initially, I think I can start off by pointing out something about who this person is. Actually, I know quite a lot people who are bilingual, however I’d like to share about my best friend who is fluent in Japanese. Her name is Nguyen and she is currently working in a Japanese corporate. In fact, she is the one who has inspired me a lot to learn the second language. The factor that makes her unique to me is the fact that despite acquiring Japanese on her own, she managed to become excellent at it with gorgeous intonation like a native speaker. The chief reason encouraging her to learn this language is indeed quite simple. When she was in university, she fell in love with a Japanese person and gradually became addicted to this country’s culture and language. Therefore, she exerted herselfand put a lot of effort in Japanese with the first target of being able to communicate with her boyfriend in his mother tongue. Time went by and her passion for this language grew so strong that she committed herself to conquer it, no matter how hard it is when it comes to the matter of self – study. However at the end of the day, she achieved it with flying colors and lots of opportunities come to her after graduation from university. It is my friend who gives me a precious lesson in life: Do the thing you are truly passionate about and you will rock it.


  • Bilingual (a): speaking two language fluently
  • Corporate (n): a company or a group
  • Acquire (v): obtain, to get
  • Chief (a): most important
  • Fall in love with (idiom): to begin to love someone
  • Exert oneself (expression): put oneself to strenuous effort
  • Conquer (v): overcome and take control of something
  • At the end of the day (idiom): finally
  • With flying colors (idiom): successfully.


Describe a person who can use or speak a second language    


#Topic 9: "Describe someone in your family who you really admire"

You should say:

  • what relation this person is to you
  • what are your first memories of this person
  • how often you see this person
  • and explain why you really admire this person.

Model Answer:
I've got a small family with only five members and all of us are very close to each other and we love each other very much. Among them, I love my mother more than anyone else in the whole world. I adore my mother for her caring, loving, adorable behaviours and wit. She is the person I can share everything with and that's the reason I worship her so much.

Possibly she was the first human I saw when I opened my eyes in this world. A relationship with a mother is divine and all of my childhood memories are either related to my mom or my school. I can still remember a day I was late to come back home after school and that's because there was a ceremony at the school I did not know about. All of a certain I found that my mother was entering through the school gate to find me. I was so frightened that my mother would rebuke me for being late unnoticed and she must be mad at me. But to my best surprise, when my mother saw me  she had a warm smile on her face that I'll never forget till my last breath on this earth. Then she hugged me and gave me a kiss. I felt then that I love my mother more than me. She attended the program at the school and afterwards we came back home together.

I spent my 19 years or so with my father and mother but I stay at a metropolitan city now for my education. Whenever I get a vacation, I meet my mother at my village home. On an average, I spend 2/3 months with my mother each year but I talk to her over the phone almost twice a day.

The reasons why I admire her are endless. She is caring, tender, she has got a big heart and she possesses a great love for everyone. She had been an ideal mother to raise 3 kids and making sure our education and moral values. She had made a lot of sacrifices all of her life and had never complained about anything to my best knowledge. She is the person who reminds me the power of love and caring. 

                                                                                                                                                  Nguồn: ielts-mentor.com

Describe someone in your family who you really admire

#Topic 10: "Describe a tourist attraction that you have visited"


  • You should say
  • What the attraction was
  • When you visited it
  • Why you went there
  • And say whether you enjoyed the visit or not

Model Answer:

I’m going to tell you about the the last time I visited the National Gallery in London – I guess that counts as a tourist attraction – it’s certainly always really busy and there are any number of tourists there – It’s popular I suppose because it’s completely free and that’s slightly unusual for a major art gallery nowadays – If you compare it with The Louvre in Paris for example that’s really pricey and you normally have to queue for hours at a time – The National Gallery is different not just because it’s free but you can walk right in without waiting.

I go there quite a lot – in fact I try to go and visit it whenever I’m in London – I’m fascinated by art and art history and I just like to wander around and look at all the masterpieces that are on display there -Typically I go for about an hour or so only because I lose concentration after a time.

Well – the last I went there was sometime in December – just before Christmas I think – there was certainly a Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square just outside – I was in London to do some shopping and I decided to pop into the National to see if there was a new exhibition on – There wasn’t but I did see that there was a sensational Veronese exhibition planned for April this year – So I what I did was just spend my time looking at some of Turner’s watercolours.

Did I enjoy it? Certainly – the National is one place I’ll never tire of and I’m sure that I will keep on going back there. It’s for me – sort of – one of the greatest art galleries in the world and I think it’s that’s why it’s such a popular tourist attraction.

                                                                                                                                                      Nguồn: dcielts.com

Describe a tourist attraction that you have visited

Trên đây là 3 bài mẫu trong phần IELTS speaking part 2. Trước khi tham khảo các bài mẫu, thầy đã khuyên các em nên tự chuẩn bị đoạn hội thoại và nói về chủ đề sau đó bạn hãy tham khảo bài mẫu và hãy nói lại về chủ đề từ những gợi ý ở bài mẫu. Từ đó sẽ giúp bài nói của bạn tốt hơn và không lặp đi lặp lại những cấu trúc câu đơn điệu, từ vựng đơn giản mà bạn hay dùng. 


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