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Mr Đạt Lưu - Warm Fighter

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Hi guys,

My name is Dat Luu, and it is my pleasure to accompany with you on the IELTS journey.

People around me always ask me some questions, like

“How can a biomedical engineer like you become an English teacher?”

“How can an introvert like you teach other people with such confidence?”

“How can a man like you be single?”

And a lot more

Mr Đạt Lưu - Warm Fighter 

The reason is simple. I love sharing what I know to the others, and watching their lives become better. That’s why I chose to be a teacher.

But you know what, I also want to share with you my favorite quotes.

The only obstacle is “I cannot”

Our biggest limit is in our own mind, and once we can overcome the anxiety, nothing can stop us.

It is true that I was an engineer with broken English, but I did not accept that ugly truth. I watched a lot of movies, read tons of articles and mimicked many speeches to have good pronunciation, so later I can help my beloved ones with their English skills.

It is true that I was an introvert who was nearly anti-social, but I challenged myself. I joined lots of social activities, talked to a huge numbers of talented people and learnt how to deliver a presentation in order to share my knowledge with people around me with confidence and pride.

Everything has its own price, and it is paid by our own blood, sweat and tears. No one would pay it for us.


Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you may hit a star.

Therefore, I hope that you would not think IELTS 9.0 is something superficial, unreal, or out of your capacity. You are the master of your destiny, and you can do everything.

I, as your mentor, can only assure 30% of your success. I will try my best to help you with every problems and questions, but the remained 70%, unfortunately, I cannot do anything. It depends on you, and you only.

IELTS is a long and arduous journey, I admit, but I hope that you would put all of your effort in conquering your goals and pursue your dream. I, as well as all other teachers at IELTS Fighter, truly and deeply believe in you.

 Mr Đạt Lưu - Warm Fighter cùng các học viên của IELTS Fighter

So, fighters, join me, will you?

Một đoạn giới thiệu về bản thân không dài dòng nhưng chắc cũng để giúp các bạn hiểu được phần nào về thầy Đạt phải không nào? Một người luôn có nụ cười hiền lành nhưng tính cách vui nhộn khi ở trên lớp với các học viên của mình. Học cùng thầy Đạt các bạn sẽ cảm nhận rõ được thầy có niềm đam mê giảng dạy tiếng Anh và mong muốn học viên của mình cố gắng chinh phục điểm IELTS cao nhất.

Mr Đạt Lưu - Warm Fighter