Mr. Quân – Dedicated Fighter

Mr. Quân – Dedicated Fighter

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  • Họ và tên: Nguyễn Hồng Quân
  • Vị trí công tác: IELTS Fighter
  • Từng học tại: Học viên Báo chí và Tuyên Truyền
  • Phương châm giảng dạy: Mỗi ngày học tập là một ngày vui, giúp các bạn thêm yêu thích IELTS

Hello fighters,

My name is Quân and I’m from IELTS Fighter.

To be honest, I never anticipated being called Mr. Quan by anyone other than overly polite customer service folks. Because I never thought that I would be a teacher, I never meant to be a teacher. In fact, it was the one thing I’d sworn never to do.

Growing up, I followed the natural path of science students. Being admitted in a select class for science students did not keep me away from English, my true love, because I have possessed a strong inclination towards literature and language since childhood. However, my parents made me enroll in Academy of Journalism and Communication after I finished my high school. It was a difficult and stressful time when my enthusiasm for languages did not falter. As the time went by, I fell deeper and deeper in love with English. I took all online English linguistics courses. I learned so much. As my graduation date loomed nearer, I began to weigh my options. Deep down I knew that journalism was not a path I was ready to go down, but I was not sure what I would do after graduation. Then I suddenly felt like I wanted to be an English teacher, I did not know where it come from, and I did not know how to become a teacher either. I started looking into teaching, enrolling some training courses, academic courses as well. Suprisingly, I enjoyed it. I loved the idea that one day I would stand in front of my class, share my thoughts, write my own lesson plans.

After being offered a teaching position at IELTS Fighter, I was on cloud nine. At times teaching at IELTS Fighter can be challenging, but I have had oppotunities to touch students’ life to make their future better.

See you at IELTS Fighter.

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