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Bài luyện tập 1


    I. Here is part of a sample answer to the task. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets to make true sentences.

    I think the place I would most like to 1( visit ) (visit) is England. I 2 ( have been learning ) (learn) English for about seven years now and I still 3( haven’t been ) (not be) to an English-speaking country. I think if I 4( went ) (go) somewhere like England, I'd be able to learn about the culture of another country. I 5 ( went ) (go) to Europe once with my family, but that was to Italy. I really enjoyed 6( seeing ) (see) all the tourist attractions but it's difficult when you don't speak the local language. My father used 7( to live ) (live) in England when he was a student and he says that if he 8( hadn’t done ) (do) that, then wouldn't have learned to speak English with a good accent. One of my ambitions is 9( to study ) (study) there like he 10( did) (do), which I am planning to do if I 11( pass )( pass) all my exams.

    II. Read the following sample answer. Complete the answer by filling the gaps with a verb from the box below.












    The pace of life in today’s society is much faster than in the past, because of changes in people’s habits and in the world of work. In the past, there were both advantages and disadvantages to living a slower paced-life.

    There 12 ( were ) a number of benefits of people's lifestyle in the past. Firstly, people probably 13 ( suffered ) less from stress because they were not often in a hurry. Secondly, they 14 ( spent ) more time with friends and family, especially at mealtimes and on traditional holidays. People 15 ( worried ) less about being the best in their job or about earning a lot of money. They probably 16 ( felt ) happier.

    However, in my view, the slower pace of life also 17 ( had ) several important disadvantages. People 18 ( travelled ) much less, either for work or holidays, so their lives were more limited. Basic tasks such as carrying objects, cleaning and washing 19 ( took )  up a lot of their time. As a result, they 20 ( enjoyed )  their free time less than people today. The slower pace of life also 21 ( meant ) that it was more difficult for people to change or improve their situation by studying of finding a better job.

    All in all, I believe that the disadvantages of the slower pace of life in the past were greater than the advantages. People had more free time but they were not always able to benefit from it because they had less control over their lives, both at home and at work.

    III. You will hear a woman giving a talk on the famous composer, Mozart. Before you listen match the words (1-10) with the correct meanings (a-j).


    22. extraordinary

    23. sibling

    24. achievement

    25. keyboard

    26. demand

    27. master (verb)

    28. gifted

    29. in rapid succession

    30. reputation

    31. precocious


    a. brother or sister

    b. reach a high level in something

    c. part of a piano or computer

    d. amazing

    e. status

    f. success

    g. very talented

    h. ask in a forceful way

    i. fast development at a very early age

    j. quickly one after another


    22:     d

    23:     a

    24:     f

    25:     c

    26:     h

    27:     b

    28:     g

    29:     j

    30:     e

    31:     i

    IV. Now listen and complete the notes below.

    Name: Wolfgang Amadeus

    Date of birth: 32 ( January 27th, 1756 ) 

    Number of surviving brothers and sisters: 33 (one ) 

    Profession of father: 34 (composer )

    Wrote first composition before the age of: 35 ( 6 )

    Taught self to play: 36 the violin )

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