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Bài luyện tập 3 - unit 4


    Fill in the gaps with a future form from this unit and the verbs in brackets.

    Teacher: What will you ( be doing ) (1 you/do) this time next year?

    Student 1: Well, that's difficult to say but I hope that I ( will be travelling ) (2 travel) round the world. Before then I ( will hopefully have saved up ) (3 hopefully/save up) enough money for the ticket. I plan to end up in Australia and when I ( get )  (4 get) there I'll get a job and earn some money. So, in a year's time I  ( will probably have been travelling )  (5 probably/travel) for a few months already. I hope that I ( will have visited ) ( 6 visit) quite a lot of different countries by then too.

    Teacher: What do you plan to do when you graduate?

    Student 2: Well, my plans have changed a bit. I was going to do a journalism course, but I didn't get accepted. So I've sorted something else out and I ( will be starting ) (7 start) a hospitality course tomorrow, actually. It's for six months, so I ( won't have finished ) (8 not/finish) in time to go travelling next spring, unfortunately. However, as soon as I ( find out ) (9 find out) if I've passed the course, I can apply for a job in a hotel in Australia.

    Choose the correct answer

    10.    By the time Tom gets to the airport, we ______ for over three hours     

    11.    As of the end of May, Susan ______ enough credits to earn her Master’s degree

    12.    By the time you arrive for dinner, we _____ our kids to bed

    13.    This time next month, I _____ here for an entire year

    14.    By the time she takes her medical board exams in September, Rachel ........... a total of 15 practice exams

    15.    By the end of next month, Joey ____ enough money to afford a new DVD player

    16.    By the time our visitors from Russia come next month, we ............. construction on our new house

    17.    By the time she retires next year, Lisa .............. 25 years as a receptionist with Krebbs Industries

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