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Bài tập IELTS Vocabulary - Topic: Celebrities


    Question 1-11

    Choose one suitable word from the vocabulary above to fill in the blank

    I. FAME

    1. Gucci is popular all over the world for selling   (High-end clothes)

    2. I couldn’t believe my eyes that news about the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 (Made headlines) only after several minutes of announcement.

    3. “Baby”, which is a song by Justin Bieber,  (Take)  the whole world  (by storm)  in 2010 and this song is still among the most listened ones of all times.

    4. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is  (Well-known)  for the wave of K-pop and spicy food such as kimchi or gimbap.

    5. I don’t like to pry into the private life of celebrities as I simply don’t like the  (Buzz)  of their life, I just want to see them as artists on stage.

    6. To me, fashionistas are the  (Trend-setter) because they always keep updated with the latest styles and young people want to appear like them.

    7. After retiring from  (Profressional competing) , Johny - my next door neighbor, who is a basketball player, plans to move to another country to live with his family.

    8. Angelina Jolie, a famous Hollywood director and actress, (Gains a reputation for herself) for being extremely talented and also a  (True philanthropist)

    9. Mr. Mark has just bought a lamborghini, which (Cost a fortune)

    10. She seems to  (Take an avid interest in) buying expensive clothes; however, she just does that to  (Show off her status)

    11. Because of his  (Unending perseverance) for the past two years, Minh has managed to pass the university entrance exam with very high marks.

    Question 1-13

    Try to write the Vietnamese meanings of these words without looking at the box.