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Bài tập IELTS Vocabulary - Topic: Lifestyle (Heath& Art)


    Question 1-16

    Write the English words next to the suitable Vietnamese meanings.

    1. Xả hơi => (Unwind )

    2. Tuyên truyền => (Disseminate)

    3. Bệnh mãn tính => (Chronic disease)

    4. Luyện tập cao độ => (Intensive training)

    5. Cơ thể mảnh mai nhưng khỏe mạnh => (Lean body)

    6. Quan tâm đến sức khỏe => (Health-concious)

    7. Ban hành luật nghiêm khắc => (Implement strict rules)

    8. Chế độ ăn cân bằng => (Balanced diet)

    9. Tăng cường trao đổi chất => (Speed up my metabolism)

    10. Máy chạy bộ => (Treadmill)

    11. Bệnh tiểu đường => (Diabetes)

    12. Phương thuốc => (Remedy)

    13. Đi tập gym => (Hit the gym)

    14. Phương pháp khả thi => (Feasible methods)

    15. Đồ ăn nhanh => (Junk food)

    16. Tốt (cho ai/cái gì) => (Do wonders (for (Sb/St)))

    Question 1-14

    Write one word that matches with its definition.

    1. The process of making a solid object into a certain shape Sculpture  => (Sculpture)

    2. The arrangement of things in an artwork Alignment => (Alignment)

    3. To have high quality both in terms of physical and spiritual value Classic => (Classic)

    4. Art in general Fine art => (Fine art)

    5. A type of a classical interest, which is followed by many people Elegant pursuit => (Elegant pursuit)

    6. To see and feel the beauty of an artwork Admire => (Admire)

    7. An extremely talented painter Eminent painter => (Eminent painter)

    8. To describe Depict => (Depict)

    9. To think of new things rather than the traditional ones Think outside the box => (Think outside the box)

    10. A work of art Piece of artwork => (Piece of artwork)

    11. A painting that is created with oil as the main material Oil painting => (Oil painting)

    12. Natual ability that one is borned with Innate talent => (Innate talent)

    13. The ability of having innovated ideas or making new things Creativity => (Creativity)

    14. To exist as an idea or a concept, not a physical thing Abstract => (Abstract)