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Bài tập IELTS Vocabulary - Topic: Travel (transport & vacation)


    Question 1-13

    Write the English words of these Vietnamese words.


    1. Phí thuê xe ô tô

    => (Car rent)

    8. Tắc đường

    => (Traffic congestion)

    2. Lấp đầy

    => (Fill up)

    9. Đông người

    => (Jam-packed)

    3. Tàu điện ngầm

    => (MRT journey)

    10. Đi chậm chậm về phía trước

    => (Wend one’s way forward )

    4. Chiếm phần lớn

    => (Take the lead)

    11. Lên (tàu/xe)

    => (Board)

    5. Thực hiện chuyến đi

    => (Embark on the journey )

    12. Xe buýt mini chạy bằng điện

    => (Electric mini-bus)

    6. Hình thức đi chung xe

    => (Carpooling)

    13. Giờ cao điểm

    => (Rush hour)

    7. Phương tiện giao thông

    => (Means of transport)


    Question 1-10

    Fill in the blank with one suitable word.

     1. (It would be a miss (not to))     visit Temple of Literature when you are in Hanoi.

    2. Ben Tre’s (Local cuisine)     consists of different delicious dishes but the most famous ones may be products made from coconuts.

    3. One of the most crowded (Tourist attraction)     in the world is The Great Wall, which is a famous historical icon of China.

    4. An (Aerial walkway)     in a new amusement partk is going to be built, which allows visitors to have a view of the whole park.

    5. The  (Tranquillity)     in the a sparsely-populated mountainous area helps me relax and escape from the  (Rat race)     

    6. Besides the  (Breathtaking)     natural scenery, the city of Can Tho also has  (Superb – Local specialty)     

    7. Going shopping at the weekend with my mom is my favorite leisure time activity which helps me  (Recharge my battery)     after a stressful week at work.

    8. The wedding of my best friend, Michelle, was a real  (Blast)     as we had so much fun.

    9. Personally I think planning carefully for an abroad trip is extremely important to minimize  (Unexpected expenses)     and make our trip  (Cost-effective)     

    10. Ha Long, a   (Coastal city)      located in the North of Vietnam is one of the most  (Worth-living cities)     of our countries.