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Bài tập IELTS Vocabulary - Topic: Emotion


    Question 1-12

    Choose the best option for each question below.

    1.    1. Although I am quite busy with my work, I still love gardening as it is _______ of my life.  

    2.    2. Ever since I first went to some poor mountainous provinces in the North of Vietnam such as Lai Chau or Son La, I have felt a _________ to study well and have a well-paid job to help children here.    

    3.    3. To ______ the problem of global warming, not only governments but also citizens in different countries should work together to reduce the potential consequences that are caused by this phenomenon.    

    4.    4. In my own view, job _________ can be generated by helpful working environment and colleagues, friendly bosses, good opportunities for promotion and high salary.    

    5.    5. Some people may _______ smoking as a way of helping them escape from stress.  

    6.    6. Our plan for a start-up company which specializes in cosmetics _________ due to a lack of financing.    

    7.    7. No matter how many jobs I have applied for, it must _______ working with foregin teachers.  

    8.    8. To me personally, property of one person ________________ his/her happiness.  

    9.    9 She advised me to calm down as everything would ___________  

    10.    10. As being a __________________ the famous Korean boygroup Super Junior, I have a big collection of their stuff, from albums to photobooks and posters.  

    11.    11. Ever since I was a little girl, I have ___________ making handmade stuff and I really want to have my own handmade shop to sell cute things that I create by myself.  

    12.    12. The trip to Japan last August helps me to __________________ and recharge my battery before coming to the new school year.          

    Question 1-12

    Write the Vietnamese meanings for the English words below.


    1. Financial burden ➨ (Gánh nặng tài chính)

    2. To make the matter worse ➨ (Tồi tệ hơn là khi)

    3. Cry one’s eyes out ➨ (Khóc nức nở)

    4. Cope with ➨ (Đương đầu với)

    5. Rush ➨ (Vội vàng)

    6. Cheer (Sb) up ➨ (Làm ai vui lên)

    7. Mental breakdown ➨ (Suy sụp tinh thần)

    8. Heavy workload ➨ (Khối lượng công việc nặng nhọc)

    9. Refresh one’s mind ➨ (Thư giãn đầu óc)

    10. Cram for exams ➨ (Học nhồi nhét cho kỳ thi)

    11. Sweat ➨ (Toát mồ hôi)

    12. Oversleep ➨ (Ngủ quên)