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Bài tập IELTS Vocabulary - Topic: Outfit (Clothes & Jewelry)


    Question 1-12

    Give the correct form or supply the synonym of the words in the brackets.

    1. Ao Dai has long been considered a symbol of (feminine) and delicacy of Vietnamese women => (Femininity)

    2. I think the government plays a vital role in (preserve) the (beautiful) of ancient streets or villages such as Duong Lam ancient village or Hanoi Old Quarter  => (Preserve the beauty)

    3. I have some pieces of furniture but the most (prohibit) of them may be the sofa, which costs approximately 2,000 US dollar  => (Prohibitive)

    4. She wore a black (formal dress) to the gala dinner, which captured everyone’s attention  => (Gown)

    5. My most favorite item of clothing is the white T-shirt, which is (flexible and suitable) in almost every situation  => (Versatile)

    6. The table cloth is a wonderful piece of (embroider)  => (Embroidery)

    7. Among the most well-known (fashion enthusiasm) in the world, I am really impressed with Chiara Ferragni, who always looks exquisite and has a great taste of fashion  => (Fashion enthusiast)

    8. (Silky) may be the most expensive material to make clothes because it is so soft and delicate  => (Silk)

    9. It was my wedding; therefore, I wanted to have a (tailor-make) wedding gown to make my big day more special than ever before  => (Tailor-made)

    10. He was (depression) because he couldn’t afford to buy a new suit to wear on his brother’s graduation and all he had was (boring) clothes  => (Depressed - Plain)

    11. Qipao – the traditional dress of Chinese women, has an (elegance) look and it is a symbol of Chinese people’s (spirit life)  => (Spiritual life)

    12. Almost everyone is impressed with Mrs. Lan, who is not only a successful business woman, but she also has an (elegance) look  => (Elegant)

    Question 1-12

    Write the Vietnamese meanings of these words below.


    1. Bracelet

     (Vòng tay)

    2. Embraced  

     (Được bao bọc)

    3. Ecstatic

     (Cực kỳ vui sướng)

    4. Astrological belief

     (Niềm tin vào quỹ luật ngũ hành)

    5. Charm

     (Mặt dây chuyền)

    6. Ornament

     (Đồ trang trí)

    7. Token

     (Vật kỷ niệm)

    8. Feminine things

     (Những thứ nữ tính)

    9. Mix and match

     (Kết hợp đồ)

    10. Lend visual interest to

     (Tăng thêm vẻ đẹp cho ai/cái gì)

    11. Gemstone

     (Đá quý)

    12. Necklace

     (Vòng cổ)