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Listening Full Test 7


    Question 1-10

    Listen to the conversation and complete each gap with no more than THREE words.


    Courses available:

    Name of Course: (0) Getting Started
    Time: Two hours from (1) ....(6pm – 8pm)

    Cost: Free
    Course Content: Is starting a business right for me?
    Writing a (2)....(Business Plan)

    Some legal issues
    Nearest Location: Handbridge
    Next Course Date: 20th March

    Name of Course: (3)....(Business Basics)

    Length of course: (4)....(three days)

    Cost: (5) ....(£80)
    or £20 for recently unemployed
    Course Content:

    Day One: Legal Issues
    Day Two: Marketing and Pricing
    Day Three: Accounting and (6)....(book keeping)

    Nearest Location: Renton
    Next Course Date: 5th March or (7)....(18th April)


    Name: (8)....(Lila Park)

    Address: (9) ....(39 White Lane) , Eastleigh
    email: (10) ....lila.park@rainbow.com[/text]

    Nguồn: examenglish.com

    Question 4-6

    Complete the Summary below. Write no more than three words in each space.

    Complete the Summary below. Write no more than three words in each space.

    Student Mark Levin wanted to test whether a having a (4) (black cat) walk across your path brings good or bad luck. He invited people to play a game which involved (5) (coin tossing). The cat was encouraged to walk across their path, and the players continued with their game. As a control, Mark repeated the experiment with a (6)(white cat). Results showed that the superstition had no effect on the game.

    Question 1-11

    Susan is telephoning a travel agency. Before listening to the conversation read the enquiry form carefully. Then listen and complete each gap with no more than three words

    Worldbridges Travel Agency Ltd. Enquiry form

    Enquiry regarding holiday in (1) (Greece)
    Number of people: (2) (three)
    Kind of accommodation needed: (3) (Apartment)
    Price (£):(4) (100)
    Location: (5) (near the beach)
    Customer´s name: (6) (April)
    Enquiry made in : (7) (in June)
    When would Susan and her friends travel cheaper? (8) (5 minutes walk)
    How far from the beach is the accommodation offered? (9) (Susan's parents)
    Who has already visited Greece? (10) (Greece)
    What will Susan have to do before phoning Arnold again? (11) (contact her friends)

    Nguồn: examenglish.com

    Question 1-3

    Listen to a student talking to a college representative about foundation courses. Then answer the questions.

    2. What do students learn about in the following modules? Match the content to each module


    1. Organisational Behaviour 

    2. Managing People

    3. Individual and Group Behaviour

    4. Financial Resources

    5. Applied Psychology for the Public Services 


    A. How social behaviour affects public service work

    B. The design and structure of organisations

    C. Motivating people in an organisations

    E. Preparing a budget and finding funds

    F. Team leadership skills, in theory and practice


    1:     B

    2:     f

    3:     c

    4:     e

    5:     a

    3. Complete the entry requirements below. Write no more than three words or a number for each answer.

    Entry Requirements

    GCSEs in (Maths and English) (grade C or above).

    A Levels: (60) points, including one complete A level.

    1.    1. Which THREE of the following are features of foundation courses?

    Question 1-3

    Complete the table. Write no more than three words in each space.

    Complete the table. Write no more than three words in each space.

    The Origin of Superstitions

    (1)(13) Represents the people dining at Christ’s last supper
    (2)(Touching wood) Represents taking power from Tree Gods
    walking under a ladder The ladder forms a (3)(triangle)
    which represents the Holy Trinity.

    Question 7-10

    7.    7.The story of Barnett Helzberg illustrates that:        

    8.    8. In his newspaper experiment, Wiseman noticed that...   

    9.    9. Wiseman concluded that lucky people...    

    10.     Wiseman’s work shows that...     

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