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Luyện tập 4 - Unit 11 - Dates


    In this part, you will hear some short descriptions of festivals. Listen and fill in the missing information in the passages.

    Text 1

    Valentine’s Day

    One ( on the 14th of ) February, St. Valentine’s Day, ( a lot of) people send a card to the one they love or someone whom they have ( fallen ) in love with. People usually do not sign these cards and a lot of time is spent trying to guess who has sent them.

    Text 2

    Easter Eggs

    At Easter time, the ( British )celebrate the idea of new birth by giving each other chocolate and Easter eggs which are eaten on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday bakers sell hot cross buns, which are toasted and eaten with butter. Easter Monday is a holiday and ( many ) people travel to the seaside for the day or go and watch one of the sporting events such as football or horse racing.

    Text 3

    New Year’s Eve

    New Year’s Eve is on the night of 31st December. ( Most ) people stay up until at least ( until ) after midnight in order to see in the New Year. It’s also the night of the year when most pubs, and restaurants forget about their usual closing times and stay open until after midnight. In London, ( thousands of ) people go to Trafalgar Square to hear Big Ben chime midnight, and traditionally take a shower in the Fountain in Trafalgar Square. The Christmas tree is ( an annual ) gift from Norway.

    Text 4

    Pancake Day

    Ash Wednesday is the day in February when the Christian period of Lent begins. This refers to the time when Christ went into the desert and fasted for ( 40 ) days. Although not many people give up eating during this period, on Pancake ( Tuesday ), the day before Ash Wednesday, they eat lots of pancakes. ( These ) are made from flour, milk and eggs, and fried in a hot pan. ( Some ) towns also hold pancake races on that day. People run ( through ) the streets holding a frying pan and throwing the pancakes in the air. Of course if they frop the pancake they lose the race.

    Text 5


    25th December is the ( most important ) festival of the year. It combines the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ with the traditional festivities of winter. On the Sunday before Christmas, ( many ) churches hold a carol service where special hymns are sung. ( Sometimes ) you can hear carol singers singing ( on ) the streets as they collect money for charity. ( Most ) families decorate their houses with-colored Christmas decorations and they usually have a Christmas tree in the corner of the front room, glittering with colored lights and decorations. People put their gifts at the bottom of the Christmas tree.

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