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Luyện tập unit 29: Tránh bẫy nhiễu thông tin


    Question 1-3

    Exercise 1

    Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

    Book  Floor
    Reference books  (ground floor)
    Adult collection (second floor)
    Children’s books (third floor)

    Question 4

    Exercise 2

    Listen to the audio and answer the question below.

    What is the woman's name? 

    Đáp án => (Karla)

    Question 5

    Exercise 3

    Listen to the audio and tick the correct answers below.

    3.    Which water activities are unavailable at Golden Lake Resort?       

    Question 6

    Exercise 4

    Listen to the audio and answer the question below. Write ONLY ONE NUMBER.

    What is the price of the tea-pot?

    Đáp án: (14) dollars

    Question 7


    Exercise 1:

    Woman: Now let me explain where everything is kept.

    Man: It looks like here, on the ground floor, is where the reference books are.

    Woman: Yes, that’s right. Up on the second floor is where the adult collection is, both fiction and non-fiction.

    Man: And the children’s books are there too, aren’t they? I thought I saw them in the room by the stairway.

    Woman: No, those are magazines and newspapers for adults. Children’s books are up one more flight on the third floor.

    Exercise 2:

    Man: I’ve written your full name, it’s Carla, right? C-a-r-l-a.

    Woman: Yes, but you’ve made a little mistake. Carla is spelled with K instead of C.

    Exercise 3:

    Woman: Could you describe for us some of the activities available at Golden Lake?

    Man: We have a lot of water activities, of course. Since we're right on the lake, we have a pleasant sandy beach for swimming. We also have canoes and sailboats available, and many of our guests enjoy boating on the lake.

    Woman: I imagine waterskiing would be popular among your guests.

    Man: Actually, we don't permit waterskiing in the resort area. It can be dangerous for swimmers and for the canoeists too.

    Exercise 4:

    Woman: Hi, is it Marco’s online shop of kitchen supplies?

    Man: Yes, that’s right. My name is Sam, I’m listening to you.

    Woman: I’m calling to ask about a tea-pot I saw on your website. The item’s code is 12 17. How much does it cost?

    Man: I’ll check in a minute. It should be somewhere around 15 dollars. Oh, here it is. This tea-pot costs 14 dollars.

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