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Speaking Part 1- Unit 7: Shopping

Vocabulary - Shopping


Đây chắc chắn là một trong những chủ đề "xưa nhất quả đất" khi học tiếng Anh rồi, và chính vì vậy, nó rất có khả năng xuất hiện cao trong bài thi IELTS Speaking. Mặc dù là một chủ đề quen thuộc nhưng mình tin chắc là sau khi "nghía" xong các từ vựng ở dưới đây, chắc chắn bạn sẽ trang bị được thêm cho mình một số "vũ khí" khá khủng đấy!


Useful Nouns


Essential(s): đồ dùng thiết yếu

The store down the street has all the kitchen essentials you need like pots and pans at a very reasonable price.


Luxury: đồ xa xỉ

Trang Tien Plaza near the Old Quarter in Hanoi has a lot of luxury stores, which I think few people can afford.


Market stall: quầy bán hàng ở chợ

Visitors often love getting lost in the countless market stalls inside Dong Xuan market.


Useful Verbs


Purchase: mua đồ, dùng thay cho buy

Every time she goes to the mall, she purchases a ton of stuff.


Flog (từ lóng cho sell)

Ta Hien street in the Old Quarter is famous for its tiny shops flogging cheap beer.


Haggle: mặc cả

Remember to always haggle when you peruse markets, especially those in Asia.


Pick out: chọn lựa

I'm trying to pick out a shirt for an upcoming interview.


Score: mua được hàng tốt mà giá rẻ

I scored some great deals today at the grocery store with the coupons you gave me.


Useful Adjectives


Inexpensive: rẻ (từ này hay hơn cheap) = Low-priced

I don't follow fashion or trends closely, so as you can probably guess, most of my clothes are inexpensive.



Pricy = Expensive

The houses on the other side of town can be quite pricey because they're closer to the city center.


Over-priced: quá đắt (so với chất lượng)

I personally think that most designer clothes are overpriced.


Fake: hàng giả

Some of my shoes are most likely fake, but that doesn't bother me.


Genuine: hàng thật

I would avoid getting my bag dirty, because it is made out of genuine leather.


Posh: đắt nhưng chất lượng cao

I took my mom to a posh restaurant last week; it was pricey, but I think it was worth it.


Useful Idiomatic Expressions


The real McCoy: hàng thật (tiếng lóng)

I could tell at one glance that her Gucci bag was the real McCoy.


Rip somebody off: bán giá cắt cổ

It is difficult not to get ripped off when you're in a foreign country.


... is a steal/ a real bargain: mua được cái gì đó tốt mà giá lại rẻ

I got this new rug for just 4 dollars. It was a steal!




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