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    Questions 21-27

    You are going to hear a university tutor interviewing a candidate for a place on a post graduate diploma course in teaching geography.
    First look at questions 21 to 27.

    Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 21 to 27:

    Complete the form below.




    Teaching experience:



    Volunteer Organisation:

    Type of school:

    Subject taught:


    Other responsibilities:


    NOTES (continued)

    Reasons for wanting to
    leave in first year:


    Reasons for wanting to
    extend tour:


    Reasons for wanting
    to train to teach Geography:

    Jonathan Briggs

    Economic and 21 (Politics)

    Volunteer Teacher

    22 ((West) Africa)

    23 (1990 to 1992)

    24 (Teach South)

    25 (rural co(-)operative)

    26 (Geography)           Forms 1,2 and 3

    • English                Form27 ((Form) 5/five/V)
    • Agricultureal        Science Form 6

    ran school farm



    • 28 ((very) homesick/missed (my/his) family/homesickness )
    • few teaching resources


    • success of cattle breeding project
    • obtained funds for farm building


    • it is his 29 (favourite subject ACCEPT/ favorite subject ACCEPT)
    • it has many 30 ((many) (useful) applications)







    LÀM BÀI XONG MỚI XEM Tapescript :)))

    TUTOR: Hello. Jonathan Briggs, isn’t it?
    JB: Yes, that’s right.
    TUTOR: Do come in and sit down.
    JB: Thanks.
    TUTOR: Right. Well, Jonathan, as we explained in your letter, in this part of the interview we like to talk through your application form... your experience to date, etc... and then in the second part you go for a group interview.
    JB: Group interview... yes, I understand...
    TUTOR: So... your first degree was in Economics?
    JB: Yes, but I also did Politics as a major strand.
    TUTOR: And you graduated in 1989. And I see you have been doing some teaching...
    JB: Yes. I worked as a volunteer teacher in West Africa. I was there for almost three years in total from 1990 to... umm... 1992.
    TUTOR: How interesting. What organisation was that with?
    JB: It’s not one of the major ones. It’s called Teach South.
    TUTOR: Oh, right. Yes, I have heard of it. It operates in several African countries, doesn’t it? And what kind of school was it?
    JB: A rural co-operative.
    TUTOR: Oh, a rural co-operative, how interesting... and what did you teach?
    JB: A variety of things in different years... ummm... I did... with Forms 1 to 3 mainly Geography and some English with Form 5. Then in my final year I took on some Agricultural Science with the top year . .. that’s Form 6.
    TUTOR: Right. Quite a variety then...
    JB: I also ran the school farm.
    TUTOR: How interesting...

    TUTOR: ...And how did you find the whole experience?
    JB: I’ll be honest with you. At the end of the first year I really wanted to leave and come home.
    TUTOR: Why was that?
    JB: Well... I was very homesick at first and missed my family...
    TUTOR: Umm... I can quite understand that.
    JB: ...and I also found it frustrating to have so few teaching resources, but I did decide to stay and in the end I extended my tour to a third year.
    TUTOR: Right. Things must have looked up then?
    JB: Yes. We set up a very successful project breeding cattle to sell locally.
    TUTOR: Really?
    JB: And then after a lot of hard work we finally got funds for new farm buildings.
    TUTOR: And you wanted to see things through?
    JB: Uh-huh.
    TUTOR: And is that why you want to train to teach Geography?
    JB: Yes. I’ve had a couple of jobs since then but I now realise I like teaching best. And I chose Geography because... because it is my favourite subject... and also because I think it has so many useful applications.
    TUTOR: Well... you certainly have had some interesting work experience. I’ll ask you now to go on to the next stage of...

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