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Unit 17 - Task 2 - Dạng bài ‘Multiple/Two-part Questions’


Chúng ta cùng đi phân tích một số ví dụ sau để hiểu rõ hơn về cách viết bài dạng Multiple/Two-part Questions nhé!


Ví dụ #1:

Many childhood diseases can now be prevented through the use of vaccines.
Should parents be made by law to immunize their children against common diseases or should individuals have the right to choose not to immunize their children?


First reason:

Preventive medicine is most effective, lives saved, diseases such as …reduced


Second reason:

Immunization is part of human progress, have better hygiene and better medical program, we don’t want to go backwards


Third reason:

No vaccines; therefore diseases return, lawneeded


Ví dụ #2:

In many countries, buying and selling guns for the public is legal.

Should the ownership of guns be limited or controlled or should everyone be allowed to trade guns easily?


First reason:

Risk of accidents, danger to children, more violent crimes, criminals will use guns, police will needguns


Second reason:

Higher suicide rates, guns create violentsocieties


Ví dụ #3:

Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films.

Why could this be?

Should governments give more financial support to local film industries?


First main paragraph: Why could this be?

- Topic sentence – several reasons

- First reason - budgets for action, special effects, spectacular locations

- Example - Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar or James Bond films

- Second reason - the most famous actors, actresses and directors

- Final reason - poor quality local filmmaking in many countries


Second main paragraph: Should governments give financial support?

- Topic sentence - governments should support local film industries

- Explain why - talented local film-makers need opportunities

- Explain more - they need money to pay film crews, actor setc.

- Explain consequences - would lead to employment, income, tourism

- Example - you can invent an example about your country.

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