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Từ vựng tiếng Anh về gia đình (Family Vocabulary)


Gia đình là nơi những người thân chung sống và gắn bó với nhau bởi các mối quan hệ tình cảm. Đó còn là nơi chốn để cho ta trở về sau bao bộn bề của cuộc sống để được quây quần bên gia đình. Bài viết này, IELTS Fighter sẽ giới thiệu cho bạn 54 từ vựng tiếng Anh về chủ đề gia đình thường thấy trong cuộc sống.

1. Grandfather / ́græn ̧fa:ðə/: Ông (nội/ngoại)

E.g: Her grandfather on her mother's side was Italian.

2. Grandmother /'græn,mʌðə/: Bà (nội/ngoại)

E.g: Both my grandmothers were from Scotland.

3. Grandparent / ́græn ̧pɛərənts/: Ông bà

E.g: My grandparents are both in their 80s.

4. Grandson / ́grænsʌn/: Cháu trai (của ông bà)

E.g: She has a 10 -year-old grandson.

5. Granddaughter /'græn,do:tз/: Cháu gái (của ông bà)

E.g: His life is transformed by the arrival of his orphaned granddaughter.

6. Grandchild / ́græn ̧tʃaild/: Cháu (của ông bà)

E.g: Now I see my grandchildren every week.

7. Father /'fɑ:ðə/: Cha (bố)

E.g: My father took me to watch the football every Saturday.

8. Mother /'mΔðз/: Mẹ

E.g: My mother was 21 when she got married.

9. Uncle /ʌηkl/: Cậu, chú, bác

E.g: I have lots of uncles and aunts.

10. Aunt /ɑ:nt/: Cô, dì, thím, mợ

E.g: I have an aunt in Australia.

11. Sister /'sistə/: Chị, em gái

E.g: Sophie and Emily are sisters.

12. Brother /'brΔðз/: Anh, em trai

E.g: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

13. Cousin /ˈkʌzən/: Anh, chị, em (họ)




Family members

E.g: My brother's wife and I both had babies around the same time, so the cousins are very close in age.

14. Brother-in-law /ˈbrʌðərɪnlɔ:/: Anh rể, em rể

E.g: He has not consented to perform brother-in-law marriage with me.

15. Sister-in-law /ˈsɪstər ɪn lɔː/: Chị dâu/em dâu

E.g: I could have sworn it was our dear departed sister-in-law.

16. Niece /niːs/: Cháu gái (con của anh chị em)

E.g: He saw one brother weekly and was in touch with one niece regularly.

17. Nephew /ˈnefjuː/: Cháu trai (con của anh chị em)

E.g: The maternal uncle might come and take the nephew out of his paternal household.

18. Only child /ˈoʊnli tʃaɪld/: Con một

E.g: He was the only child of healthy non-consanguineous parents.

19. Infant /ˈɪnfənt/: Trẻ sơ sinh

E.g: To understand what causes development in infants, we must be able to link the emerging behaviour to the unfolding of the underlying biological structures.

20. Toddler /ˈtɒdlər/: Trẻ mới học đi

E.g: Are these toys suitable for toddlers?

21. Twin /twɪn/: Sinh đôi

E.g: The two countries are often regarded as economic twins.

22. Triplet /ˈtrɪplət/: Sinh ba

E.g: I was amazed when my doctor told me I was going to have triplets.

23. Sibling /ˈsɪblɪŋ/: Anh/chị/em (ruột)

E.g: I have four siblings: three brothers and a sister.

24. Parents-in-law /ˈpeə.rənts.ɪnˌlɔː/: Cha mẹ chồng

E.g: Both of my parents, as well as my dear parents-in-law, endured or are enduring to the end in righteous paths, leaving a legacy of faithful dedication for all their posterity to follow.

25. Son /sʌn/: Con trai

E.g: We have two sons and three daughters.

26. Daughter-in-law /ˈdɔːtərɪnlɔː/: Con dâu

Men in the family

E.g: Several of the widowed or divorced men lived with a daughter, daughter-in-law or granddaughter and were thereby assured of care should they need it.

27. Relative /ˈrelətɪv/: Họ hàng

E.g: I don't have many blood relatives.

28. Nanny /ˈnæni/: Bảo mẫu/Vú nuôi

E.g: This is just the kind of between-stairs position that a governess, a nanny, or perhaps a superior lady's maid, would occupy.

29. Stepmother /ˈstepˌmʌðər/: Mẹ kế

E.g: While he owed his stepmother respect, because of her parental position, he was not her blood relation.

30. Stepfather /ˈstepfɑːðə(r)/: Cha dượng

E.g: Excluded as a ' child ' is a 16 year-old living in a common-law relationship with her stepfather, the suspect.

31. Godmother /ˈɡɒdˌmʌðər/: Mẹ đỡ đầu

E.g: It was a privilege to be asked to be a godmother to a triplet.

32. Godfather /ˈɡɑːdfɑːðər/: Cha đỡ đầu

E.g: Mr. Brown became known as the godfather of soul music.

33. Orphan /ˈɔːfən/: Trẻ mồ côi

E.g: The civil war is making orphans of many children.

34. Parent /ˈpeərənt/: Cha hoặc mẹ

E.g: I'm going to meet Richard's parents for the first time this weekend.

35. Children /ˈtʃɪldrən/ (số nhiều): Con cái/trẻ con

E.g: Do you have children?

36. Child /tʃaɪld/ (số ít): Con cái/con cháu/đứa trẻ

E.g: As a child I didn't eat vegetables.

37. Daughter /ˈdɔːtə(r)/: Con gái

E.g: Liz and Phil have a daughter and three sons.

38. Spouse /spaʊs/: Vợ chồng

E.g: In 60 percent of the households surveyed both spouses went out to work.

39. Husband /ˈhʌzbənd/: Chồng

Women in the family

E.g: I've never met Fiona's husband.

40. Wife /waɪf/: Vợ

E.g: I met Greg's wife for the first time.

41. Father-in-law /ˈfɑːðər ɪn lɔː/: Bố chồng/vợ

E.g: His father-in-law, his brother-in-law and another of his wife's relatives provided him with loans as well.

42. Mother-in-law /ˈmʌðər ɪn lɔː/: Mẹ chồng/vợ

E.g: 19 Her mother-in-law then said to her: “Where did you glean today?

43. Ex-husband /eksˈhʌzbənd/: Chồng cũ

E.g: Her ex-husband pays her children's school fees; otherwise, she supports them alone.

44. Ex-wife /eks-waɪf/: Vợ cũ

E.g: At one polling situation, an old lady burst into tears and had to be consoled by my ex-wife after she realised her mistake.

45. Half-brother /ˈhɑːf brʌðə(r)/: Anh/em (trai) cùng cha khác mẹ

E.g: Over the next five years, he prepared to go on the offensive against his half-brother.

46. Half-sister /ˈhɑːf sɪstə(r)/: Chị/em (gái) cùng cha khác mẹ

E.g: A half-brother or a half-sister is clearly a relative by blood of the brother or sister for whom he or she wishes to be responsible.

47. Godson /ˈɡɑːdsʌn/: Con trai đỡ đầu

E.g: I can think of occasions when godsons and goddaughters would be welcome at family gatherings.

48. Goddaughter /ˈɡɑːd dɔːtər/: Con gái đỡ đầu

E.g: It stipulated that the hospital pay annuities to nine named people, including her goddaughter, and provide a bed in its incurables' ward for her ailing niece.

49. Stepson /ˈstepsʌn/: Con trai riêng

E.g: They included one woman whose three children had died in childhood and another woman who during the study re-married and acquired a stepson.

50. Stepdaughter /ˈstepdɔːtər/: Con gái riêng

E.g: I hope that both my daughter and my stepdaughter will make of their lives what they wish.

51. Stepbrother /ˈstepbrʌðər/: Anh/em (trai) kế

E.g: Their father would assume the role of stepbrother in relation to themselves.

52. Stepsister /ˈstepsɪstər/: Chị/em (gái) kế

E.g: He had no brothers or sisters, but had a stepbrother and two stepsisters by his father's first marriage.

53. Son-in-law /ˈsʌn ɪn lɔː/: Con rể

E.g: Her family had run into financial problems after the sickness and death of a son-in-law.

54. Single parent /ˈsɪŋ.ɡəl ˈper.ənt/: Cha/mẹ đơn thân


The family


E.g: This was classified as either single parent or two-parent depending on the child's family placement at birth.

Trên đây là 54 từ vựng tiếng Anh về gia đình thông dụng. Nếu bạn có những bổ sung nào khác thì hãy comment cho mọi người cùng biết nhé!