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Unit 4: Cách trả lời Topic What you do in free time/hobbies

Loại câu hỏi liên quan đến “hobbies” hay “free time activities” là một trong những dạng câu hỏi hay xuất hiện trong phần 1 của Ielts speaking test. Hôm nay, các bạn hãy cùng Ielts Fighter học cách trả lời và các cụm từ vựng hay xuất hiện trong Topic này nhé.

Bạn xem thêm Topic khác hay có trong IELTS speaking:


Cách trả lời Topic "What you do in free time/hobbies"

1. Các topic tương tự

Do you have any hobbies?

What do you do in your free time?

What hobbies/free-time activities are popular in your country?

Is it important to have a hobby?

Why is it important for people to have free time activities?

Is it harmful to spend too much time on a hobby?

What free-time activities would you like to try in the future?


2. Nouns - Các cụm danh từ hay dùng

Leisure pursuit

Spare time



3. Verbs - Các cụm động từ hay dùng

Amuse oneself by

Unwind by

Kill time by







4. Idioms hay sử dụng

Take up = start                                                                 I’ve recently taken up swimming

Take part in                                                       I frequently take part in group activities like...

Get into = enjoy                                                               Recently I’ve been getting into fishing

Have a go at=try                                              I’d really like to have a go at scuba diving

Idle away the hours=spend time                             In my time off I often idle away the hours by playing guitar.


Sau đây là một số mẫu trả lời cho loại câu hỏi này.


Question: What do you like to do in your free time?

Answer: I do quite a lot of sport actually. I play football mostly - on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoon with a local team. I also play tennis and squash when I can but I don't really get the time to do them as well every week. I work quite hard at the moment, so I don't get a lot of free time unfortunately.


Question: Have your leisure activities changed since you were a child?

Answer: Not a great deal actually. I used to love playing football when I was young as well - I played a lot at school. Though of course I did all the other things kids loved to do such as going out on bike rides after school and things.


Question: Do you prefer to spend your free time alone or with other people?

Answer: It depends on my mood really. I think most people need some time on their own. Sometimes my work is quite stressful and I spend a lot of time there with others, so it's good to just get home and relax and read a book or something. But I get bored if I am alone too much so I like to go out and meet friends in the evening or play football.


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